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Los Angeles Is Killing Itself

Back in 2002, pension costs accounted for about 3 percent of the city’s budget. Since then, they’ve grown 25 percent per year. Now, they constitute 18 percent, totaling $1.3 billion annually.

Super Bowl XLIX as a Case Study in the Mechanics of Pro-War Propaganda

Such calculated image-crafting undergirds a lot of the American military’s $700 million a year public marketing efforts.

Are Cuba’s Economic Reforms For Real?

These are not concessions of choice; they’re forced by extenuating circumstances.

Run the Jewels Talks About Gun Rights, Government Surveillance, and the Political Power of Big Beats

Killer Mike’s twitter bio reads: “I like My Woman, My Kids, Weed, Polo and Politics. I am a Pan Africanist Gangster Rapper, Civic Leader & Activist.” That description cannot be improved upon.

The Breathtaking Inanity of DC’s Next Mayor

Her campaign has been plagued by the scandal engulfing Park Southern, the largest public housing complex in the city.

Scandinavia is a Collectivist Paradise? Not So Much.

The difference in Scandinavia is that tall poppy syndrome applies to everyone all the time.

There’s 'Just Lip Service to Free Speech' on College Campuses

Philosopher Colin McGinn on ideological witch hunts, the marginalization of academic philosophy, and the limits of human reason.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “Universal Pre-K” Program Is Delusional

Gotham’s broken government school system isn’t worth saving, let alone expanding.

D.C. United’s Soccer Stadium Swindle

City and team officials have not been content simply to brandish hazy notions of civic pride when selling the project to the public. Oh, no. This stadium deal, like virtually every other one in this country, is wrapped up in grand promises of economic revitalization.

Why Colleges Fold to Students’ Anti-Intellectual Hysterics

Middlebury, like many prestigious colleges, has steadily gravitated away from its core educational mission and now serves primarily as a sort of finishing school for the ruling class.

What happened to American universities?

It’s not new for college students to indulge in self-righteous certainty, to be so intoxicated by a grand moral mission that they can’t see any value in hearing what the other side has to say. What is new: administrators who bend to their will.